Friday, May 4, 2012

The 17 day diet:160 after one week

So the first week and I am doing 4.4 pounds which I would say is VERY good

I had a stressful day today and ended up nibbling on a few bad things - but its okay

Breakfast : Glass of milk
Snack: Carrots
Snack: strawberry
Lunch : O Charley California Salad ( dressing on the side ) no cheese
bad things : several piece of chocolate , 5 spoons of yummy soup, 1 fry
Evening snack : 1.5 oranges , 0.5 apple
Evening snack 2 : 2 cheese sticks
Dinner : Omelette with cheese and asparagus

It turned out to be a day of multiple cheating!

The thing is I can either be a pillar of virtue or be pretty bad - because once I start to indulge a little - it goes on to being indulging a lot

I am taking a break for 1 full day - because Friday night we are invited to dinner to my friends house and she is going through a lot of trouble to make an authentic Indian meal
Ditto on Saturday ( another friend)
So I will start back up on Monday

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The 17 day Diet Day 6: 160.4

Well I have been on a plateau for three days now
But I still feel like I am doing well
I really need to shake up what I eat and add a few things to add variety
Today i was a little bored and I ended up eating a Salad - I forgot( in a Freudian way )  to ask them to leave the cheese and the tortilla Strips
Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad
But I checked the calorie content after I returned and it was 800 calories ( the actual salad is 880 but I did not eat all of the dressing )
You really need to work the plan properly and that means eating in a very well planned way while eating out
I may eat boiled eggs and vegetables for dinner and also walk a lot

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The 17 day Diet :Day 4 ( weight unknown)

I am at the cabin today where I do not have a weighing machine

I have eaten a little imperfectly today owing to my poor planning
Breakfast was my usual Skinny Latte( I love my Capresso so much that we bought one for the cabin as well )
DH and I have a custom of having Salad with Garbanzo beans on Saturdays. My FIL used to say it was lucky for wealth
Now I thought Garbanzo beans were not allowed on the 17 day diet but I saw on the Facebook page that it WAS ( 1/2 cup ) .
Now I don't know if you can do it on the Accelerate cycle but I did
I also had a little bit of fat free chicken sausage as the beans just did not feel enough
Anyway we will have fruit in the evening for snack and end the day with Roasted Asparagus/Cauliflower and eggs

Friday, April 27, 2012

The 17 day diet Day 3 160.4

I was so happy to take my weight this morning !!

If I can stay disciplined over the weekend - I  will be on the good side of 160 - which will be awesome

The only trouble today was that i was feeling very weak - like a little light headed
I might add an additional egg white to my two egg omelette

Breakfast :Skinny Latte
Snack : Orange
Lunch Broccoli, red pepper, mushroom, chicken stir fry
Snack : Kiwi, 3 oz Greek fat free yogurt
2 cups green tea
All my cravings are gone ( though when one of my coworkers was talking about German Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream I did feel my mouth water )
Snack: I shrewdly put a bag of carrots in the car while DH and I drove to the cabin and so that is what we both ended up snacking on
Dinner: eggs and a cauliflower sir fry
After dinner : I had two oranges as I had a sweet tooth and was still feeling like eating after drinking two cups of Sleepy Time Tea

The 17 day diet Day 2: 162.4

I was delighted to take my weight this morning

Already two pounds down !!

I think when you start the 17 day diet - because of the massive amount of unprocessed food - you rapidly lose a little water weight

Breakfast : 10 oz Glass of milk ( I know you are supposed to shake things up but I love this so much )
Snack 1 - red grapes + blueberry
Lunch : Omelette and Roasted Asparagus ( I went home for lunch as my Friend came home for lunch )
Snack 2 Frozen Strawberry
Evening Snack : ( was ravenous and ended up eating  fruit again ) - 1/2 mango, 1/2 apple. 1 orange ( This is not good because on the 17 day diet you are not supposed to eat mango, no fruit after 2 pm and only 2 servings - 
I LOVE fruit though ) 
Dinner : Broccoli  ( I steamed this with Fresh ginger and sprinkled a little cheese on top ) +  chicken stirfry ( chicken tenderloins  sauteed in olive oil , onion, serrano pepper, and Trader Joe's Island Teriyaki Sauce )

I did not drink enough green tea or my probiotic . Just forgot :-(
There are two bad habits that I have that the 17 day diet gets me rid of

1. eating desert
2. popping things in my mouth randomly while working in he kitchen

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The 17 day diet Day 1: 164.4

As Promised I had decided that I would chronicle my feelings during the day

Today was not hard at all -

Just saying "Not even One" really works for me and I do not put any Starburst /Junior mint in my mouth

Moderation is fine for some people

Its not for me

Here is what I ate

Breakfast : Glass of milk ( 10 oz ) with Starbucks Via made in my Capresso- the best latte you will ever have ! Delish
Snack 1- Baby carrots
Snack 2: Strawberry
Lunch - date lunch out. but I ate Salad with Grilled chicken and fat free dressing on the side( delicious )
 Snack3: Carrots and Tomates with Fat Free Greek yogurt Dip
Snack4 : Apple ( I was really hungry and though you are not supposed to eat fruit after 2 pm on the 17 day diet - I needed something to keep going till R went to bed
Dinner: Omelette ( i had some cheese in it but I measured out less hat a quarter cup ) + Pan roasted asparagus
After dinner: Instead of sweet I had a cup of tea ( Sleepy Time ) with no sugar
I remembered to have probiotic, and vitamin and drank 2 cups of green tea ( should have  had 3 )

No feelings of deprivation at all

I also walked 1.2 miles outside

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The 17 day Diet : The Accelerate cycle

A couple of my  friends have asked me about the 17 day diet

And the timing works perfectly as I am doing it all over again

The 17 day diet is an absolutely amazing plan

If you do it perfectly - it really works

The first cycle of 17 days is called Accelerate

This is where you take off the fat really fast

Here is what you eat :

In this phase you are eating as much as you want of veggies , lean protein.

You are limiting the quantity of dairy ( 2 cups daily ) fat ( 2 Tbsp daily ) and fruit ( 2 servings daily )

The full list is on the internet but here is the smaller list which is of things that I  eat ( I dont like beef, Pork , fish )

Ground Turkey
Chicken breasts
Eggs ( 2 max a day )

You can pretty much eat any vegetable ( except avocado, potatoes, peas, corn)  but here is what is on the list ie the list of what I eat

Green Beans


Many fruits are starchy so on these 17 days things like banana and mango are not "allowed "
Fruits are also very calorific so we are limited to 2 servings
You are also supposed to eat your fruit servings before 2 am but this one is hard for me as I sometimes like to eat fruit for desert

Here is my list
Any berry
Red Grapes


Low fat Acidophilus milk ( I drink 2% lactaid instead as I have a bit of lactose intolerance and take a probiotic )
Greek  or any yogurt ( non fat )

What about condiments 
Many condiments like marinara sauce, fat free sour cream, hot sauce, any dry spice are allowed

Where are the beans, oatmeal, cereal, rice and lentils ?

They are not allowed on the first cycle of the 17 day diet
Also no sugar

you must also eat daily 

3 cups of green tea  ( i drink the flavored Lipton - my favorite flavor is Black Currant and Vanilla )
a probiotic
you can also drink black coffee

17 minutes every day

Some kick butt inspiration

So I deliberately took a break for a few days because I have dieting fatigue
I want to restart my diet and I want to do it perfectly
Here is a picture from "missing brain mouth filter"
The language is kind of rude but the sentiment is great

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A plan is necessary

Slowly but steadily getting back in track

What I am not well prepared for is :

1. eating out ( sometimes my order becomes a fatty order like yesterday's brothy chicken soup turned out to be full of bacon which I hate - but they replaced it with their other soup which is potato soup - a sinful combo of poto and cream that I was too weak to resist !!)
2. snacks in the office frig ( how do I keep forgetting my cheese sticks and my yogurt )
3. the willpower to resist chocolate while DH eats his in front of me ( why cant I just say no ?)
4. Eating too much fruit ( this last one I am not sure is the worst thing at this point )

On the plus side

I am exercising to the point of missing it when I am not doing it
I am overall eating very healthy unprocessed food
Even though yesterday was full of flaws here is what I ate

Breakfast : 10 oz glass of 2% milk
Snack : apple
Lunch : Soup and Salad, dressing on side ( the soup was the disaster )  a little bit of bread and 2 fries ( as I say I was ravenous when I got to lunch )
Snack: another apple
Snack : 2 string cheese
Evening snack : a banana and 2 oranges
Dinner 2 eggs omelette with 1/3 cup cheese, Roasted Asparagus and Roasted Corn ( no fat )
after dinner desert : a big piece of chocolate ( 170 cals )

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Speed of Fat

I am just amazed at the speed with which I gained 3 pounds while on vacation
 Back on track again this week with less carbs , mostly veggies and lean proteins
No eating bread in restaurants
Less cheese
3 cups of green tea daily
Lots of water
30 minutes exercise everyday


I know I can get rid of these three pounds that I gained in a week in one week - so that is the challenge for myself

My main obstacle is the 3 day weekend that is coming up with guests at home who will probably love Indian Food ( someone say Carbs?)
Atleast I will be in charge of the food and can make sure its low fat and healthy 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The weekend

I was trying to have a good day on Saturday and not hold myself to a perfect day
And for the most part I did
No chocolate at all
Did eat a few Chessmen and too many Mandarin Oranges on the salad ( was surprised to see how calorific they are )
Took a nice long walk
As well as spend a lot of time outside
Not 17 -day good
But Pretty good

Friday, March 2, 2012

False Starts

Ahhhh - i have had so many false starts on the 17 day diet this week
Basically I do well till ;lunch time -
Then I have a moment of sweet-weakness
Then I give up
DH is being very very lackadaisical and that is a huge part of the reason why I cannot get on track
But I absolutely need to
I am trying to completely resist craving today

Monday, February 27, 2012

Back on Track

So I am back on track with my 17 day diet - I have started with two non-perfect days
Both days have been bad owing to the sugar ( I cannot resist mint lozenges and Starburst )
But they have still been pretty good - and I am going with it
I am restarting at 162
The joy of doing the 17 day diet is that I absolutely 100% sure know it works - the only trick is that one has to commit to it
DH is getting back on it and I am hoping that it will be like the September October time when we lost weight really rapidly

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Great 17 day diet

I am so happy with the 17 day diet
Day 3 and I have already lost 3 of the 5 pounds that i had gained
I am so delighted

Monday, January 23, 2012

Back on 17 day

I am starting back on the 17 day diet
I put on 5 pounds over the past month ( and I kind of expected to as I went to India and ate and brought back lots of sweets )
Is it silly to be excited about starting your diet ?
I am though
I want to lose a total of 10 pounds which will put me right at where I want to be 152 !