Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alarming Scale !

Today I stepped on the scale
And got a shock
Somehow between Friday and Tuesday
While following the program ( though I have been dipping into the bonus points and not exercising )
Now when I started this - I had sworn that I would not be scale obsessed and lose these 10 pounds calmly
And now is the time to demostrate this
I did have Thai for lunch yesterday ( Tom Kha soup and Sushi ) but I noted the points religiously
and I am going to hope that its a sodium issue and drink lots of water and see how it goes

Friday, May 20, 2011

2 more pounds down !!!

I went to Weightwatchers and I am 2 more pounds down .

I am signed up for the whole summer( they have an excellent deal going on right now )  and I am really hoping I am able to lose another 6 pounds AND keep them off

 I am trying very hard these days not to not say anything negative about my body

I think I spend all my 20's calling myself fat and thinking of myself as fat

And its only in my 30's that I am realising how important it is to be grateful and appreciative of your body

But I have to say I feel fat

This past week has been a week of excessive work .
DH had his tonsils out and so I have been doing some of the things he usually does - like getting R ready for school , grocery shopping , getting gas etc. And also   all of laundry and cooking which are usually things we do together


Plus I have been sleeping very poorly

AND work has been unusually intense

I am hoping things will get a little better this week and I will feel better

Sleep more and Exercise more

Monday, May 9, 2011

Comfort food

One uncomfortable thing I have found out about myself is that I automatically dip into food when I am feeling anxious

I always read about stress eating but it's really kind of unusual when you observe yourself doing it

It's really hard to remember that I cannot do that

Have dipped into my bonus points and am worries I will see it on the scale !!,

Friday, May 6, 2011

Eating Out

That was the topic for this week's weightwatchers meeting !
Here are the tips

  1. Plan before going
  2. Know you intention - are you going out as a treat and so you can use your bonus points and dont feel deprived. On the otherhand if you are simply going out because its convenient - use really good judgment  
  3. Have something before you go - so you are not weak with hunger  
  4. Do not touch the bread basket at all
  5. Exercise in the morning so you are already in the proactive mode

Thursday, May 5, 2011

First weigh In

2 down
8 more to go
Enough Said

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 6

Today is Day 6 of Points Plus

On the Plus Side

  1. The program is very easy to do - you really do not have to go hungry
  2. It really pushes you to eating good for you food - the focus is :
                          - Eat fruits and veggies
                          - Eat low fat, low carb

How can this not be good for you ?

On the minus side - I do not know if it helps you lose weight - I will get on the weighing scale tomorrow and see if it has made a difference

My resolution is to do it for 6 weeks and I am determined to do that

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weight watchers First weekend

SO I just had my first weekend after starting the Points plus program and it went very well

One of the things I like best about the program is that you really never have to go hungry

And the more you eat real food.. the more you crave the real food

And my cravings for the bad stuff are reduced

The bad part though is that the new Points Plus Program is very point heavy for some of my old Favorites

Example my Chick Fila Spicy Chicken Sandwich used to be 8 points and so was quite a standard lunch item - now its 13 points !!

My Kind Bar  which is a staple break fast for me is 6 points !

My Kashi hot cereal is 4 points

My fat free yogurt cup is 3 points

The points are bascially steering you towards low fat and low carb foods and to fruits and vegetable

I am planning on planning out the whole week today so I can do it planfully -

Instead of thinking I am hungry - what should I eat

Do you plan ahead ? How detailed do you get ?