Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The busy-ness of life is causing some lack of focus

I am back in another crazy blitz of travel and want to remind myself of some ways to  prevent weight gain when I travel

1. Eat only when hungry
2. Eat slowly
3. Eat good for you things first
4. Stop when full
5. Walk as much as possible  

Sunday, January 9, 2011

How did I do the first week ?

I did pretty good

All things considering

All things being,  going  back to work - and a TON of work awaiting

Plus after the very relaxing 2 weeks of just being home and ( 10 days of that staying in a hotel - read , no cooking or cleaning ) - it was just a shock to get back to get back to the routine

In spite of all that - I did pretty well

I had 2 -3 bouts of mindless eating - where I ended up eating chocolate covered nuts ( my weakness ) mindlessly

But somehow I feel very forgiving - because for the 2 bouts of mindless eating - I avoided many bouts of mindless eating by simply asking myself the question before eating

Do I really want to eat this ?

And that is the real question -

I think the calorie-counting blinds us and changes our mindset to Can I eat this?

Wrong question .

This is my challenge for myself for the week

Ask myself before I eat -

Am I hungry? Do I really want this ?

If I am hungry, Out of all my choices - what is the best thing I can put in  my body ?

Will you ask these questions too ?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

A very very Happy New Year to you

Gretchen at the Happiness Project asked what our intent is for the year in one word

Her word was Bigger

My word is "Simplify"

I want more simplicity in every apect of my life- work , family and of course fitness

So here are my simple fitness goals

Avoid mindless eating

Ask myself - why I am eating before I eat anything . I don't know about you but its amazing how much I manage to eat unconsciously

Write down everything I eat in my free  "Lose it App" and stay within 1500 calories when I can

Eat when hungry , stop when full

Eat good food first ( as in if I have an urge to snack on a cookie - eat an apple first  -and then reevaluate my urge to eat the cookie )

Walk a lot

Make sleep a priority