Friday, December 31, 2010

It Works !!!!

So I ate out for 11 days
Every Meal
4 of those days were on a cruise ( where food abounds )

And I did not gain even a pound

Here are some common diet rules that I FLAUNTED
1. No carbs only protien
2. High energy work out
3. Eat at home
4. no Fast food
5 Eat first thing in the morning t okick start your metabolism

I ate mostly carbs , no work out only walked a lot , ate out all the time and frequently fast food

And I still gained nothing

I am wondering if these simple rules are really the key

The simple rules of

  1. Eat when hungry
  2. Stop when full
  3. Walk a lot
  4. Stay busy  and fill your mind with things that are not food

Now that I am home - I am finding its hard to resist all that chocolate

But I will

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zen while traveling

So we are on our way to vacation and I am typing this post from my phone
On the plane
Traveling has usually meant a problem regarding weight gain

But here are my policies for this trip and I think I have a good shot at not gaining anything despite being on a cruise

1. Eat only when hungry
2. Eat slowly
3. Stop eating when full
4. Record everything I eat in my phone app I am using - currently using the free app called" Lose it" so I and my friend can buddy up
5. Walk a lot