Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good things first

Here is what I am focusing on this week

Eating good things first

I think our environment constantly forces indulgence on us - encourages us to "just give in to temptation"

How do fruits and vegetables stand a chance in this environment ?

When I have an option - I will eat the good thing first

Then wait

Then eat the less good thing

So today for breakfast - a banana instead of a cereal bar

For snack - an apple instead of cereal

For lunch - today was date lunch with DH - we went to TGIF - I had salad with very little dressing for lunch - though I did indulge in a 1/3rd of the Brownie Obsession ( which I am sort of regretting as it has a 1000 calories and I ate close to 400 !!)

For dinner - I plan on a lentil soup with some cauliflower stir fry