Thursday, June 23, 2011

Advice from a messageboard on being on a weight plateu

"If you keep doing what you used to always do , you will get what you always got"

I have been on the weight plateau for several weeks now

So today I got on the messageboard and asked for some advice

They asked me to post a sample menu and so I copied from my journal - what I ate yesterday

BREAKFAST :: instant packet of grits and 1 weight watcher cheese wedge - 4 points

LUNCH :- Chick Fila 8 nuggets - 7 points , Side salad ( o points + 2 points for a few of the kernels + 2 points for 1 serving of the dressing )

: cup of tea ( 1 point) , thomas 100 cal muffin ( 3) , cheese wedge( 1 point )
SNACK 2 :: chips - 2 points, two chessmen - 2 points

DINNER : Lentil soup + Rice + Cauliflower cooked with 1 tsp oil - 5
Desert - Blue Bunny Dreamsicle - 4

Coolwhip fat free 10 tbsp- 2 points

0 points - 8 strawberries, 2 cups blueberries

The suggestions I got were :
  1. Reduce  carbs, 
  2. Reduce Processed food
  3. Increase  protein,
  4. Increase dairy
  5. Increase oil
  6. Increase Exercise ( 5-6 hours per week )
  7. Don't eat any extra points

It was very helpful for me to write it down and share this as I was not aware of how much processed food I was eating !

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quick update

Just a quick update to say that I am seeing no movement on the scale at all
the numbers climbed back up to 162 and that is where they are staying
Last weekend I went to NYC and ate more carbs than I should have and my weight did not increase - which is the only silver lining
I am still doing weightwatchers points plus - really its a very easy and wonderful program to do- for life
The only thing is that I am not losing any weight :-(