Saturday, April 28, 2012

The 17 day Diet :Day 4 ( weight unknown)

I am at the cabin today where I do not have a weighing machine

I have eaten a little imperfectly today owing to my poor planning
Breakfast was my usual Skinny Latte( I love my Capresso so much that we bought one for the cabin as well )
DH and I have a custom of having Salad with Garbanzo beans on Saturdays. My FIL used to say it was lucky for wealth
Now I thought Garbanzo beans were not allowed on the 17 day diet but I saw on the Facebook page that it WAS ( 1/2 cup ) .
Now I don't know if you can do it on the Accelerate cycle but I did
I also had a little bit of fat free chicken sausage as the beans just did not feel enough
Anyway we will have fruit in the evening for snack and end the day with Roasted Asparagus/Cauliflower and eggs

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