Friday, May 4, 2012

The 17 day diet:160 after one week

So the first week and I am doing 4.4 pounds which I would say is VERY good

I had a stressful day today and ended up nibbling on a few bad things - but its okay

Breakfast : Glass of milk
Snack: Carrots
Snack: strawberry
Lunch : O Charley California Salad ( dressing on the side ) no cheese
bad things : several piece of chocolate , 5 spoons of yummy soup, 1 fry
Evening snack : 1.5 oranges , 0.5 apple
Evening snack 2 : 2 cheese sticks
Dinner : Omelette with cheese and asparagus

It turned out to be a day of multiple cheating!

The thing is I can either be a pillar of virtue or be pretty bad - because once I start to indulge a little - it goes on to being indulging a lot

I am taking a break for 1 full day - because Friday night we are invited to dinner to my friends house and she is going through a lot of trouble to make an authentic Indian meal
Ditto on Saturday ( another friend)
So I will start back up on Monday

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