Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 1

I had a great first day
I am really motivated - I actually WANT To diet .
Sometimes when I am dieting - I don't really want to and so I make little excuses  -a little cheating here - a little cheating there
But simply the fact that I have not been dieting AT ALL the past 2 months has given me back my ability to be motivated
Note to self: take breaks from dieting from time to time

Breakfast: Tea no sugar ( I really don't like Truvia and artificial sweeteners are best avoided)
Brunch : Trader Joe Chicken Sausage ( while this is not strictly 17 day as its not homemade - the ingredients are all completely like I would make them )  + steamed broccoli
Snacks 1+2 : grapes
Snack 3 : Low fat cottage cheese+ salsa
Dinner: omelet ( 2 eggs + 1/3 cup low fat cheese) + Steamed Cauliflower

I walked 2 miles on the treadmill
My fit bit registered a total of about 6500 steps instead of the 10,000 I am supposed to be taking. I want to do better on this - my excuse is that last night R was nusts and did not sleep at all - I could not sleep either ( do NOT watch Dexter before going to sleep - also on another note how sad with the way the season ended )
R was a real pest all day today as he was very tired
Cooked a lot today for the week ( curried chicken soup will be my lunch everyday )

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